The amenities available in the Urban Square.

In Neuchâtel we ensure you to have all the activities near to you, this way you live in touch with all that matters the most.
Pool, wading pool, jacuzzi and steam room
A place that you can enjoy at any time, whether to make the best of the swimming lanes to exercise or to relax in the jacuzzi. It's an area equipped with bathrooms and dressing rooms to make your visit easier.
5,000 sqm where you will find that the best shops in the area are closer to you and your needs, without leaving Neuchâtel.
Snack area
An area to give yourself a break from your activities. If you just had a walk or are finishing your daily workout, here you will find an area to relax and grab a bite.
School bus area
Your family's safety is our priority, that's why we acconditioned an area of Neuchâtel's ground floor where you can get your little ones ready as you wait together for their school bus to arrive.
Playground park
Kids will also have their favorite place in the area. In this space they can play while their parents are confident of their safety, as they will have a 24/7 surveillance system.
We developed a fully equipped space so you can perform all your workout routines, before or after work and just a few steps away from home.
Lounge Terrace
That special place where you want to spend most of your time, creating great memories and sharing them with whomever you choose, becoming the ideal host.
The corner that allows the little ones of the family to have their special place in Neuchâtel. With such a wide variety of games they will not want to get out of there.
Pet park
Within our green areas you will have the option for your pet to play in a custom space adapted for its needs without leaving Neuchâtel.
Public places
Part of belonging to the Neuchâtel community means that you will have spaces within the area for you and your family to visit safely at any time.
Multi-purpose rooms
Share the most important moments of your life with those who you love without worrying about anything else. Our two rooms, one them intended for 40 people and the other one for 120 people, transforms Neuchâtel into the home where your life is as you've always dreamed.
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