Lifestyle Questions
How many trees will the open / green areas have?
It will have a green area of ​​approximately 8,140 sqm and with a minimum of 114 trees which at the time of placement (young trees) will be between 4 and 6 meters tall.
What is the size of the pool and how many swimming lanes will it have?
The size of the pool will be 19.8 m x 6.60 m with 3 swimming lanes and 1.20 m deep.
How many sqm will the gym have?
The gym will be 60 sqm, plus a 70 sqm area for lessons.
How many sqm big is the interior garden?
The interior garden will be an area of ​​400 sqm.
How many sqm big is the side garden?
75 sqm of pet park.
65 sqm of area, next to the pet park.
190 sqm of area in front of the pool.
130 sqm of area in front of the event hall.
How will the pool water be heated?
30% of the pool water will be heated through solar energy (solar panels) and the remaining 70% will be through heaters.
Where will visitors to the commercial area park? And if it's only through valet parking, where will the cars be parked?
Commercial parking will be located in the office tower and will be allocated exclusively through a valet.
Will there be bike racks?
There will be for residents in basements and for visitors in the square.
Each phase of the development holds a different set of amenities, which tenants will enjoy access to them?
The amenities are exclusive to each phase, that is, phase 1 cannot use the amenities of phase 2 and vice versa.
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